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Hot Water

Shower gone cold?

Don’t sweat it. Call Steve at Customer Focused Plumbing & Gas and as the name implies, you won’t be disappointed.

Steve has decades of experience and understands hot water as well as anyone in the trade. He keeps on top of any changes, including legislative, as well as any developments in the industry.

So when you need sound hot water advice, Stave can share his knowledge to help you make the right decision for your situation.


Solar is the environmentally friendly way to go but the initial cost is very expensive compared to other hot water options. However if you have enough sun to your property and your budget allows, it is really worth considering. Over the years your wallet will benefit and so will the world!


Really only a viable option if you already have the gas on. But we can install gas lines if it is what you want and if it is allowed in your area.
For more about our gas services click here.


By far the most expensive to run, but because most people are used to electric hot water heating, many want to stay with it. There are more energy efficient models on the market these days and we can talk you through the options to help come up with a unit you’ll be happy with and that will service your needs for decades to come.

So no matter what happens with the hot water, get Steve in to have a look. If possible he’ll provide a fix, if not he has the knowledge to get you back with a system that will suit you and your budget.

And because we offer a 24/7 service, you won’t have to be without hot water for too long.

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